Announcing NAAG’s Robocall Virtual Summit, September 8-9, 2021

Historically, State Attorneys General have led consumer protection enforcement efforts in the United States.  The same is becoming true for enforcement against illegal robocalls. Ohio and Michigan, along with the Federal Trade Commission, announced this week that they will co-host a National Association of Attorneys General “Robocall Virtual Summit.” The session will include “sessions explaining the robocall business ecosystem, the industry’s and government’s responses to robocalls, and ideas to make those responses more effective”.

The event is open to the public, and I strongly encourage any company involved in marketing through telephone or text to attend this meeting to hear from the enforcers what their enforcement priorities are and how they are identifying targets. I think most will be surprised that the regulators do not think and see things the same way that most businesses do. Understanding this concept is critical to staying in compliance and out of a regulator’s crosshairs.

The Summit will be held on September 8th.  The registration fee is $50.  Details can be found at

For more information on regulatory enforcement and AG enforcement actions, see the article “Five Things You Need to Know About Attorney General Enforcement Actions.”