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“A good attorney helps clients understand the law. A great one translates it into actionable solutions for their business.”

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* Anthony is actively serving in the Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps for the U.S. Army and will be deployed until August, 2018.

Anthony provides compliance and litigation counsel to automotive dealers and other businesses that conduct sales or marketing to consumers. His experience includes representing clients during government investigations and litigation from federal and enforcement agencies like the Federal Trade Commission, Federal Communications Commission, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, as well as state Attorneys General.

Anthony regularly works with clients engaged in motor vehicle sales, charitable solicitations, online and telephone sales, and lead generation in matters spanning the entire lifecycle of consumer compliance. From compliance planning, auditing, and negotiating, to trying cases, Anthony delivers continuity of qualified legal services. He brings added knowledge from clerking at the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), and Office of the Attorney General of Texas. Additionally, he serves as a Captain in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. of the U.S. Army Reserve.

Anthony also provides continuing legal education (CLE) and similar programs on trending consumer law topics at events geared toward attorneys and working professionals.

Representative Experience

  • Litigated complicated civil lawsuits for dealership clients involving a variety of complex business and consumer disputes across the U.S.
  • Provided federal criminal and regulatory subpoena responses for business clients
  • Part of a team that has successfully defended class actions for TCPA violations in federal court
  • Helped advise automotive dealership clients on multi-million dollar buy-sell and franchise agreements
  • Drafted a complete consumer compliance manual and operational deskbook for a major Midwestern furniture retailer and provided continued compliance officer training
  • Compiled many 50 state surveys for clients related to state and federal consumer protection laws


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