Of Counsel Ben Sigall

“In litigation, ‘success’ can take many forms. My client’s goals – for both the matter at hand and the longer term interests of the business – are always at the heart of litigation strategy. Their definition of success determines mine.”

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Ben brings more than a decade of litigation experience in private practice and as a prosecuting attorney for numerous entities, including the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. His practice focuses on defending businesses in complex commercial civil disputes and consumer class actions.

Ben has advised businesses in highly-regulated industries such as financial services, automotive, cannabis, creditors’ rights, healthcare, and consumer marketing. He represents clients through all stages conflict resolution, including arbitration, emergency proceedings for injunctive relief, opposing class certification, jury trials, appeals, and collection of judgments. Although Ben relishes victory in court, he takes equal pleasure negotiating creative solutions that quickly and economically resolve disputes in his client’s best interest.

He also counsels clients on business and transactional legal matters. A problem solver with a keen eye for detail, he has drafted intricate financial instruments and commercial agreements, performed due diligence related to mergers and other major transactions, and advised on cutting-edge technology concerns. He particularly enjoys helping businesses and individuals secure their intellectual property rights through trademark registration, copyright registration, securing trade secrets, and application of business competition laws.

Ben combines a deep understanding of substantive law with shrewd litigation strategy and procedural skill to meet the unique goals of his clients. He is a formidable opponent in the courtroom, and M&S clients trust him to provide the clear, practical, and business savvy counsel needed to resolve their issues as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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