Associate Tanner Lawrence

“Businesses in emerging industries face unique challenges. My job is to help clients not only navigate the issues they’re facing today, but also anticipate and prepare for the ones that may be headed their way.”

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Tanner Lawrence is an associate at M&S, where his practice focuses on helping clients understand and comply with federal and state laws related to advertising and marketing, teleservices, privacy, and other consumer protection matters. Working across highly regulated industries including cannabis, financial services, and consumer marketing, Tanner has assisted in developing and implementing a wide range of compliance strategies and programs. He has created compliance guides related to telecommunications, debt collection, and privacy laws.

Tanner brings previous experience working within numerous government entities and the cannabis industry, where he attended advisory hearings on the drafting of Ohio’s medical cannabis legislation and lobbied federal lawmakers regarding proposed medical cannabis legislation.

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Cannabis Law & Policy

Ohio Board of Pharmacy Announces the Addition of 73 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

On April 19, 2021, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy voted unanimously to issue 73 new dispensary licenses, increasing the state’s current total from 57 to 130. The announcement comes in light of strong demand among state residents for product as well as significant growth in patient population since the inception of the state’s program in late 2018. Initially, state officials [...]

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