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With decades of regulatory experience, our team has the knowledge, skills, and political savvy to deliver the results you need.

Helen Mac Murray

“Consumer complaints are a gift! Use them to identify compliance issues before a regulator does. Then, be sure to audit your system after you correct it to confirm that your change really fixed the problem.”

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Michele Shuster

“Too many lawyers focus on telling their clients what they can’t do. We focus on telling clients what they can do, and how it can be done.”

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Nick Whisler

“What I enjoy most about my practice is working hand-in-hand with a wide range of professionals to help them achieve business objectives and mitigate risks. To be a trusted partner to so many great companies and people is deeply rewarding.”

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Lisa Messner

“Understanding the client’s real goal is at the heart of success in litigation. The best possible results are achieved by developing a strong strategy at the very beginning, tailored to the needs of the client.”

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Josh Stevens

“Too often, companies view proactive compliance as simply an expense, but nothing could be further from the truth. An integrated compliance strategy that drives operational decisions and customer experiences is an investment in the growth and success of your business.”

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Betty Montgomery

“Compliance is more than a checklist review. It requires proactive outreach to regulators—creating a relationship of trust and understanding. This preparation is invaluable in shaping sound public policy as well as resolving problems in a timely and reasonable manner.”

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Sandy Lynskey

“Want to know where the line is drawn between creative and deceptive consumer advertising? We can tell you, because we helped draw and enforce it.”

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Chris Wager

“Clients often seek out a lawyer looking for answers. But it’s my job to also make sure they’re asking the right questions. That’s how, together, we move their business forward.”

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Ben Sigall

“In litigation, ‘success’ can take many forms. My client’s goals – for both the matter at hand and the longer term interests of the business – are always at the heart of litigation strategy. Their definition of success determines mine.”

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Erica Hollar

“A lot of attorneys are great talkers, but I believe the strongest counsel comes from great listening. My clients count on me to really hear what they’re sharing, ask the right questions to unearth underlying issues, and use that information to shape the legal strategy that best aligns with their business goals.”

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Walter (Chad) Blackham

“Exceptional legal representation calls for more than just skill, but ingenuity and compassion as well. I aim to bring all these qualities to bear for each and every client.”

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