Industry Associations Release Best Practices For Medical Accounts Resolution

If your business involves medical billing or collections, we recommend you review a best practices document released this week. The Healthcare Financial Medical Association Accounts Receivable Resolution Task Force, in partnership with ACA International, has updated previously released 2014 recommendations for Best Practices for Resolution of Medical Accounts (“Report”). The Task Force was comprised of providers, consumer advocates, collection agencies, and credit bureaus. The Report’s primary audience is healthcare providers and providers’ business affiliates such as collection agencies and credit bureaus. Its stated goal is to “identify a standardized process for resolving the patient portion of medical bills and to provide a framework for educating, informing, and engaging patients about the account resolution process.”

The Report advocates a holistic approach to the process of medical account resolution that begins with providers and others involved in the medical account resolution process delivering clear, concise, correct, and patient-friendly communications at every stage of the process. It also includes a discussion of steps to be taken prior to using “extraordinary collection actions.”