Montgomery Offers Inspiration to Women in Business

Continuing to lead and inspire women in the business community, Betty Montgomery recently spoke to a record-breaking audience of the Grange Women’s Group. Sharing experiences from her distinguished career in both public service and private practice, Betty offered insight on the personal values and priorities that have guided her professionally. She encouraged attendees to be a positive force in others’ lives, and to actively push themselves outside their comfort zones by “throwing their hats over the fence,” so they will be forced to go after and retrieve them.

The Grange Women’s Group is an Associate Resource Group at Grange Insurance and includes members representing all job levels from senior leadership to professional to clerical. The group focuses on empowering women to succeed and supports this goal through leadership development, networking, community involvement and supporting the business.

Betty is the former Ohio Attorney General and Auditor of State and currently serves as Of Counsel Attorney to MPS.