Ohio BMV Announces New Certificate of Title Form

In 2019, county title offices will begin transitioning to a new motor vehicle certificate of title form. The implementation schedule varies by county and will take place over several months.

The new certificates will be larger (8.5 x 11 inches) and will have a blue-green color scheme on the front. The BMV advises that this larger format will provide additional space for buyer/seller information and notary stamps. The back side is color-coded to align with the party filling it out (i.e., green = seller, blue = buyer, gray = notary/public officer).  A sample of the new format is shown here:

Old certificates of title will remain valid.  If you have an old certificate, you do not need to convert it to the newer version.

Additional information can be found on the BMV’s website or by contacting the M&S Auto Team.