Alcohol Beverage Law & Liquor Licensing

With complex and strictly enforced state regulations, Ohio liquor permit holders not only must stay current on evolving laws, but must also proactively implement strong compliance measures for their business. Failure to comply with regulations can cause a permit holder to face significant financial liability or even worse, to lose the permit. The best business practices require permit holders to implement rigorous employee training, ongoing operational policies to minimize any chance of a citation before the Ohio Liquor Control Commission, and accounting processes to ensure sales tax issues do not arise.

Our team has significant experience helping permit holders navigate these complex regulations and develop the best business practices to protect their business. We routinely advise on proactive compliance and employee training, as well as defend businesses that have been cited. We also assist clients with permit transfers to help grow their businesses or to sell an existing business. We regularly work with all types of permit holders including restaurants, bars, craft brewers, fraternal organizations, golf courses, carry-outs and commercial property owners who lease permit premises.

Whether you are looking to start a business for the first time or are an experienced permit holder seeking guidance on maintaining compliance, we can provide you with the necessary legal services to cover all of the needs of Ohio liquor permit holders, including the following:

  • Defense of Citations Before the Ohio Liquor Control Commission. Our team has successfully defended hundreds of cited companies over the last fifteen years before the Ohio Liquor Control Commission on issues ranging from underage sales to gambling.
  • Employee Training. We routinely counsel clients on how to properly train their employees with alcohol server knowledge and offer on-site training.
  • Defense of Legislative Objections. Not only do permit holders risk loss of permit privileges due to citations, but they also face the possibility of having to defend against objections to renewal by local authorities. We have had great success in defending businesses from the loss of permit privileges that may arise due to local objections.
  • Transfers. Whether businesses are looking to expand or sell an existing permit, we have the experience needed to assist with this complicated process.
  • Appeals. Permit holders may need to appeal a prior adverse ruling by either the Liquor Control Commission or the Division of Liquor Control in order to restore lost permit privileges. We have successfully prosecuted appeals for many clients needing to restore permit privileges that have been suspended or revoked.
  • Sales Tax Issues. We can help you resolve any sales tax issues that may arise, such as sales tax arrears or incorrect returns. These costly situations can not only terminate privileges but also create personal liability to the business owners. For this reason, sales tax issues often require legal counsel in order to avoid the grave results that can arise.