State Registrations & Licensing

Make no mistake: if you conduct business in a regulated industry, the cost of non-compliance can be steep. For many businesses, compliance often begins with registration and licensing in the states in which they operate.

Registration and licensing requirements vary from state to state and across industries. We work with clients from start to finish through the entire regulatory filing and approval process, beginning with analyzing the states in which registration will be needed and where exemptions may apply. Our Registration team can also assist with the filing process and help ensure registrations are renewed regularly. Our strong working relationships with regulators and their staff help ensure a smooth and efficient filing and approval process for our clients.

Whether you are a startup business seeking registration approval for the first time, or looking to expand your operations, we can help you identify and obtain the specific registrations required for your business.

Our State Registration & Licensing clients include businesses across a range of industries, including the following:


We regularly work with sellers and call centers that conduct inbound or outbound telemarketing campaigns to identify registration requirements and assist with the registration process. Many states will require registering as a telemarketer to place calls into, or from, that state; some may even require the additional licensing of individual telemarketing agents, or require registration with and purchase of their Do Not Call list.

Charitable Fundraising

If you are a non-profit organization participating in fundraising, or a call center or mail house soliciting donations on behalf of charitable clients, that activity is subject to federal and state regulations. Failure to comply can result in substantial cost to your organization, including late fees and other financial penalties, revocation of fundraising ability, or even loss of non-profit status. Whether you are fundraising in a single state or across the country, we can help ensure your state registration requirements are met.


The insurance industry bears its own unique set of regulatory compliance demands. Whether you are an insurance company or agency, independent agent or broker, or a third party administrator, we can help you identify and fulfill your state-by-state registration and licensing requirements.

Debt Collection

If you are engaged in consumer or commercial debt collection, many states will require specific licensing and documentation for collection agencies. Even if a state is unregulated and requires no specific debt collection licensing, it may still require registration or posting a bond to do business in that state. You must also maintain compliance with applicable federal regulations related to debt collection.