We do things a bit differently here.

Our clients are successful because they don’t follow the pack, and neither do we. Learn how we can help your business thrive no matter what compliance challenges you face.

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Experience That's Relevant

Not all experience is created equal. Our attorneys have spent decades managing state consumer protection initiatives and helping businesses comply with a broad range of regulatory demands. We bring unique insight into how state attorneys general and federal agencies interpret and enforce complex regulations.

We know how regulators think and can anticipate challenges that may not be obvious…helping you manage your risk more effectively.

Partnerships That Work

We recognize that every client relationship is unique. Our only goal is your success, as defined by you. We embrace your business, respect your culture, and work as an extension of your team.

Much of our background also lies within big law firms. We’ve been there, equally frustrated with the barriers raised between client and counsel and have worked hard to leave those constraints behind. We know your needs can shift in a hurry – our agility and flexibility are key to helping prevent problems from happening and minimizing the impact of those that do.

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Solutions That Deliver

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to managing your compliance challenges. Our clients turn to us for our depth of experience, creative approach, and collaborative process to achieve the results they need.

When it comes to regulatory compliance, businesses expect to hear a lot of “No’s” from their attorneys, but that’s not our style. We’ll tell you what can be done, and then we’ll show you how to do it.

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Devoted to Doing the Right Thing

We are guided by our core values every day: Commit to Excellence, Act with Integrity, Driven to the Best Result, Foster Inclusion and Embrace Diversity, and All for One and One for All.

We bring that same spirit and drive to supporting our community. From preparing women to lead in politics (Jo Ann Davidson Ohio Leadership Institute) and supporting families of ill children (Ronald McDonald House) to donating to the organizations close to our hearts (Innocence Project, National Alliance on Mental Illness, and others), you’ll find our team actively out there, making our legal, business, and local communities better.

What Our Clients Say

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