Government Relations & Advocacy
Government Relations & Advocacy

Government Relations & Advocacy

When it comes to consumer protection, the political and regulatory environment is constantly changing – both at the state and federal level. It’s not uncommon for state attorneys general and federal agencies to work together in their investigations, or for one to pick up the slack to fill perceived enforcement gaps when the other seems to move in the direction of more business-friendly policies. One only needs to look at the strengthening of state telemarketing laws (including the creation of “mini-TCPA” laws) following the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2021 decision in Facebook v. Duguid, seen by many as weakening the FCC’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act, to see how this raises considerable challenges for your business.

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It’s a lot to keep up with.

Staying informed on policy developments, active legislation, and enforcement trends is critical to keeping your business ahead of the curve and out of regulators’ crosshairs. Working with experienced counsel can help, but success in this arena takes more than just legal skill and substantive knowledge.

Our Government Relations & Advocacy team is led by former consumer protection regulators who have earned a national reputation for their ability to work across the aisle and create strong working relationships with regulators, as well as with their staff, who carry significant policy and enforcement influence of their own. Our experience, honed through decades working as regulators, in partnership with regulators, and in representation before regulators, has proven invaluable to advancing our clients’ legislative interests and achieving fast and favorable resolution to their regulatory compliance challenges.

Learn more about our Federal Regulatory and State Attorney General practices:

Federal Regulatory Matters

The expansion of consumer protection and privacy regulation, oversight, and enforcement touches every industry today. Businesses can find themselves in the middle of a web of laws and regulations before they even know it–and the consequences for noncompliance can be devastating. Navigating these waters requires planning for compliance, vigilant monitoring of legal developments, thorough policy auditing, and, when necessary, response to investigations.

Attorney General & Multistate Matters

Our Attorney General practice provides counsel to businesses across the country facing AG-related consumer protection issues, investigations, or litigation.

Association Counsel

To best serve our clients, we immerse ourselves in their industries and work closely with the associations representing their interests.

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