Privacy Lawsuits Are Changing: Is Your Compliance Program Keeping Up?

Webinar - Privacy Lawsuits

OCTOBER 26th, 2022 |  1-2 PM (EDT)

Privacy Lawsuits Are Changing: Is Your Compliance Program Keeping Up?

If you haven’t been paying attention, privacy and quasi-privacy enforcement are looking a lot different these days. With new state laws hitting in 2023, more attention is being paid by litigants and enforcement agencies to CIPA and similar website technology claims, biometric and geolocation concerns, CCPA compliance, and more. At the same time, plaintiffs’ attorneys are testing boundaries and getting more creative in their lawsuits as TCPA claims have become harder to litigate. It’s no surprise that a successful copycat industry has emerged as attorneys jump on the bandwagon of new twists in private action strategies.

Join M&S Partners Nick Whisler and Josh Stevens for an important update on where privacy enforcement is heading and the steps you should take to ensure your compliance program is robust enough to provide the protection you need today and down the road.

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Nick Whisler

Leading the firm’s Compliance practice area, Nick brings more than a decade of experience helping M&S clients understand and comply with federal and state privacy, advertising, and telemarketing laws and regulations.

Josh Stevens

Partner at M&S, Josh advises clients on a range of proactive and responsive matters, helping them achieve their business goals while complying with federal and state privacy and other consumer protection laws.

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