Attorney General & Multistate Matters

Our Attorney General practice provides counsel to businesses across the country facing AG-related consumer protection issues, investigations, or litigation. One of the first firms to focus exclusively in this area, our team includes a former Ohio Attorney General, former Chiefs of the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section, and other governmental prosecutors who offer a depth of substantive experience, unique understanding of the priorities and decision-making process of government agencies, and decades of relationship building with state AG regulators. 

Success in this space requires a unique combination of substantive knowledge, legal skill, and political savvy. We help businesses successfully establish lines of communication, strengthen relationships, identify synergies between business objectives and potential policy initiatives, and influence legislative and regulatory thinking and policy. We have also built exceptional relationships with attorney generals’ staff, who often do the “heavy lifting” of policy formation and enforcement and wield significant influence of their own.

If a business does find itself the target of an inquiry, investigation, or litigation – whether by a single attorney general or in a multistate action or jointly with federal agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), or Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) – we can quickly develop the most effective strategy and response.

We have extensive experience on both sides of the table with multistate investigations involving a dozen states up to all fifty, in consumer protection matters including, among others, unfair or deceptive practices, claims substantiation, teleservices, and privacy laws.  We have obtained excellent results for our clients, protecting them against potential judgments of hundreds of millions of dollars, achieving investigation closures with no action, and securing case dismissals.

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