Federal Regulatory Matters

Federal Regulatory Matters

The expansion of consumer protection and privacy regulation, oversight, and enforcement touches every industry today. Businesses can find themselves in the middle of a web of laws and regulations before they even know it – and the consequences for non-compliance can be devastating. Navigating these waters requires planning for compliance, vigilant monitoring of legal developments, thorough policy auditing, and, when necessary, response to investigations.

Our attorneys know this regulatory landscape well. Led by former consumer protection regulators, including a former Ohio Attorney General, former Chiefs of the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section, and other governmental prosecutors, our team’s experience affords a unique understanding of the priorities and decision-making processes of regulators that has proven invaluable to achieving a quick and positive resolution to our clients’ regulatory challenges.

Federal Regulatory Matters

On behalf of our clients, we interact daily with state and federal regulators, including the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and state attorneys general, proactively working to build relationships, anticipate challenges, and limit potential risks. We educate regulators and their staff on our clients’ businesses and industries. We also closely monitor policy matters and emerging trends, providing analysis and practical guidance to help clients.

If a client does find itself the target of a regulatory inquiry or investigation, we guide them through the process and work with regulators to resolve the issue quickly, favorably, and with minimal disruption to their business. If faced with an enforcement action, we provide them with experienced and aggressive defense to achieve the best possible outcome.

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