A lawsuit not only challenges your bottom line but also challenges your brand and reputation. High-stakes disputes can also result in considerable disruption to your business, drawing focus away from business operations, reducing productivity, and impacting employee morale.

Whether a lawsuit is filed by a customer, competitor, or regulator, our team is prepared to deliver the best results possible in the quickest and most cost-efficient way. We listen to our clients to understand their objectives – for both the matter at hand and broader interests of their business. We assess the risks involved and then develop a tailored strategy designed to meet those objectives. We are mindful of the high costs of litigation and strive for quick and cost-effective results including early settlement, dismissal, or prevailing on summary judgment. But we also stand ready to go to trial if necessary to meet our client’s goals, where we are equally committed to achieving success.

Our team is comprised of seasoned litigators and former consumer protection regulators, who bring the experience and skills needed to move quickly, decisively, and effectively. This includes:

  • comprehensive knowledge of the laws, procedures, and potential pitfalls that can be issues in litigation;
  • long-established relationships with state and federal regulators and unique insight into their decision-making process and priorities; `
  • courtroom skills honed by our previous experience prosecuting on behalf of state AG offices, as well as extensive experience with complex business litigation and government agency defense across the nation;
  • a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and industries; and
  • client representation that at all times values professionalism, integrity, and efficiency.

Our litigation team represents clients in class action, complex civil, and enforcement matters across a wide range of industries. Whether you seek early resolution to litigation or require a comprehensive defense through trial, our team can provide effective representation to achieve your goals, including the following:

  • Unfair and Deceptive Acts. Our team has successfully defended consumer claims alleging deceptive acts or practices. Our lawyers understand the intricacies of states’ varying statutory mandates and offer candid risk assessments as well as all potential defenses.  
  • Regulatory Enforcement Actions. We have successfully defended enforcement actions brought by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and multistate actions brought by all 50 state attorneys general.
  • Class Actions. We understand the heightened risk associated with a putative class action. Our lawyers are skilled and effective at achieving early dismissal or resolution in order to control this risk. 
  • Complex Civil Litigation. Sometimes an early resolution to a lawsuit is not possible due to the complexities of the businesses or relationships involved. We have successfully litigated complex business and contractual disputes across a wide range of matters, organizations, and industries.
  • Discovery Management. Navigating the requirements associated with electronic discovery is a daunting task. Our lawyers have successfully managed this process while minimizing cost and disruption to clients’ businesses. 
  • Appeals. Our attorneys have extensive experience in litigating all aspects of appeals, including briefing and oral advocacy. Our team has experience in both state and federal courts, including the United States Courts of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.