Striking the Balance: AI’s Impact on Consumer Data Privacy

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PRIVACY WATCH 2023 | SEPTEMBER 21st, 2023 |  1-2 PM (EST)

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), the realm of consumer marketing is undergoing transformative changes.

As AI technologies become integral to customer outreach and engagement, the ethical handling of consumer data is taking center stage.

Join M&S Partners Michele Shuster and Josh Stevens for an eye-opening discussion as they explore the complex interplay between AI advancements and managing the privacy of consumer information. Get insights into the new challenges raised for businesses, how regulators are weighing in, and best practices for navigating this intricate terrain.

Webinar Highlights:

The Telemarketing Evolution: Learn how AI is revolutionizing marketing by enhancing customer interactions, personalizing offerings, and redefining the customer journey.

Consumer Data Dynamics: Discover the nuances of consumer data collection, use, and protection in scenarios powered by AI. Understand the importance of consent, transparency, and responsible data handling.

Personalization vs. Privacy: Understand the challenge of maintaining a delicate equilibrium between personalized telemarketing experiences driven by AI and respecting consumer privacy rights.

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Ethics and Trust Building: Explore the ethical considerations surrounding AI-driven marketing and data usage. Learn how fostering trust through ethical practices can strengthen customer relationships.

Regulatory Adherence: Examine the evolving regulatory landscape governing consumer data privacy in the context of AI. Understand the challenges of adapting existing regulations to the dynamic AI ecosystem.

Future Insights: Learn about emerging trends, potential disruptions, and the evolving impact of AI on consumer data privacy.

We hope you’ll join us for this dynamic conversation examining the transformative potential of AI innovation while continuing to safeguard valuable consumer data.

** Disclaimer: This webinar description was written with the assistance of AI. 😊


Michele Shuster

A founding partner of the firm, Michele brings more than two decades of experience working with consumer-facing businesses in highly-regulated industries nationwide.

Josh Stevens

Advising on a range of proactive and responsive matters, Josh helps clients achieve their business goals while complying with federal and state consumer protection & privacy laws.

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