Insights and Predictions for 2024 and Beyond

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PRIVACY WATCH 2023 | NOVEMBER 15th, 2023 |  1-2 PM (EST)

In the realm of privacy & data security, 2023 has been one for the books.

Join M&S privacy gurus Nick Whisler and Josh Stevens as they reflect on the year’s biggest developments, lessons learned, and what’s to come in 2024 and beyond.

You’ll gain key insights into:

  • Federal privacy legislation: 2023 witnessed significant progress in the discussion and drafting of federal privacy regulations. Will we see a comprehensive law enacted in the coming year?
  • State privacy initiatives: several states, building on the footsteps of California’s CCPA, introduced their own robust privacy laws and amended existing ones. What states are poised for action next year?
  • Global data protection trends: as enforcement of GDPR and other international privacy laws continues to evolve, what will be the impact on US laws?
  • Industry-specific impact: adapting to new requirements, several industries including healthcare, finance, and e-commerce saw significant changes in how they collect, process, and secure sensitive data. What other industries are coming into focus for regulators?
  • Data breaches: bad actors have not slowed in their efforts to improperly obtain personal information. What are the leading tactics being used to gain unauthorized access to personal information, and what can you do to shore up vulnerabilities?

Wrap up the year with us and help ensure your organization is prepared for what’s ahead with this Privacy Watch session you won’t want to miss! Register below and be sure to submit your biggest questions and concerns.

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Nick Whisler

Leading the firm’s Compliance practice area, Nick brings more than a decade of experience helping M&S clients understand and comply with federal and state privacy, advertising, and telemarketing laws and regulations.

Josh Stevens

Advising on a range of proactive and responsive matters, Josh helps clients achieve their business goals while complying with federal and state consumer protection & privacy laws.

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