M&S WEBINAR: Consumer Protection Compliance for Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Businesses

How do I ensure my business is complying with state and federal consumer protection laws? 
What happens if I break the rules? Can my license be revoked?
How can I tell when my advertising crosses the line from “creative” to “deceptive?”
Can I really be held liable for my vendors’ violations?

Join members of Mac Murray & Shuster’s Medical Marijuana Law & Policy team – Former Ohio Consumer Protection Chief Sandy Lynskey and Associate Chad Blackham – for this FREE webinar as they answer these and other questions challenging medical marijuana businesses in Ohio.

Learn about your business’s greatest risk areas and key strategies to avoid coming under fire by consumer protection regulators. Topics will include developing compliant marketing and advertising practices, substantiating product claims, avoiding unfair and deceptive trade practices, product liability risks, and conducting due diligence of vendors/partners to minimize liability.

Sandy Lynskey Cropped HeadshotDATE: Tuesday, May 21, 2019Chad Blackham Cropped Office Headshot

TIME:  2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT


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