Powerful Partnership

We guide organizations through the aggressively regulated legal terrain that stands between them and their customers.

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No matter the industry, consumer protection laws are some of the toughest ones out there. Led by former regulators once charged with creating and enforcing these very laws, we help clients–from startups to Fortune 50 enterprises–thrive through proactive compliance and defense against litigation and government enforcement actions.

Not All Experience is Created Equal

We’ve worked deep in the trenches on all sides of complex consumer protection and privacy laws. Bringing insight and experience that can only come from having helped shape the regulatory landscape ourselves, we offer proactive risk management through a regulator’s perspective and aggressive defense from seasoned counsel. Get to know our nationally-recognized team.

At the Forefront of the Policy Issues That Impact Your Business

Serving as General Counsel to leading industry associations, advocating for clients at the state and federal level, and monitoring legal and regulatory developments daily, we bring a trusted voice to heavily regulated industries.


The Latest

Important news, valuable insights, and information on webinars and other educational events to keep you up-to-date and ahead of the regulatory curve.

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