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M&S ALERT: FCC PEWC Rule Revisions to Take Effect January 2025

The FCC’s Prior Express Written Consent rule revisions to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) were published in the Federal Register on Friday, January 26th, which means the revisions will become effective on January 27th, 2025.  The revisions include:

  • Prior express written consent (PEWC) must be obtained on a one-to-one basis. Lead generation forms will not be able to list several sellers in a single consent form or use “marketing partners” hyperlinks to obtain consent for multiple sellers.
  • Calls and texts must be logically and topically related to the website where the consumer provided consent.

Additionally, the FCC codified that the TCPA’s Do Not Call (DNC) rules apply to texts.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a TCPA Compliance attorney, please contact us at (614) 939-9955 or submit an inquiry on our website. 

Michele is the Managing Partner at M&S and former Chief of the Ohio Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section. Bringing more than two decades of experience in the consumer protection arena, she advises highly regulated businesses on a wide range of telemarketing, privacy, and other consumer protection matters.

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