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Mississippi Allows Business Numbers on State Do Not Call Registry

Mississippi recently adopted emergency rules modifying its Telephone Solicitation Act.  The most notable change is that businesses may register their numbers on the state’s “No Call List.”  Entities making business-to-business telemarketing calls must suppress calls to numbers on the state’s No Call List unless an exemption applies.

The emergency rules also place a duty on telephone service providers to ensure the caller ID information displayed on consumer devices is accurate.  The Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC) may hold providers liable if they fail to implement technologies and procedures to ensure the accuracy of caller ID information.

The emergency rules remain effective for up to 120 days and the PSC may renew them for an additional 90 days while it works to adopt permanent rules.

Nick is a Partner at M&S where he leads the firm’s Compliance practice areas. He brings more than a decade of experience helping clients understand and comply with federal and state privacy, advertising, and telemarketing laws and regulations.

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