Pricing Changes Announced for Reassigned Numbers Database

Pricing Changes Announced for Reassigned Numbers Database

The FCC announced that effective April 27, 2022, the subscription tiers for querying the Reassigned Numbers Database (RND) will be revised.

The RND contains a list of telephone numbers reassigned from a previous consumer. It was created, in part, to prevent calling a telephone number that has been permanently disconnected from the intended consumer. Because the caller doesn’t have consent to call the person to whom the number was reassigned, calling them would result in violating Do Not Call laws, including the TCPA. Penalties for these violations can be significant.

The Caller Registration, Query, SFTP and API Guides, the documents that provide instructions for Caller and Caller Agents for querying the Reassigned Numbers Database, can be accessed directly from the RND website at under Resources/User Guides.

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