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Trends In TCPA Class Action Suits

Recent trends in TCPA class action suits can strike fear into even the most compliance-minded businesses.

What’s that? Your calls aren’t “telemarketing” calls? Don’t be so sure. You might be surprised to learn that a variety of calls and texts are considered telemarketing practices under the law. If you’re making these types of calls without first obtaining written consent, you may unknowingly be putting your business at risk.

Hear from M&S Partner and Litigation Director Lisa Messner how some industries including real estate and auto dealerships are seeing an uptick in TCPA and telemarketing lawsuits. Learn compliance measures that are needed for telemarketing and texting and the steps you can take to reduce your risk. And as always, reach out to us if you need help.

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Lisa is a Partner and the Litigation Director at M&S. She defends highly regulated businesses in class actions, complex commercial litigation, and government enforcement actions brought by state and federal agencies. Lisa also provides mediation and arbitration services, serving as a skilled neutral in helping disputing parties achieve resolution outside of the courtroom.

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