A message from M&S…

The last few years have been a time for reflection, improvement, and growth. The advancement of personal rights through legislation for minorities and other historically marginalized individuals and groups has been a focus and priority for lawmakers, legislators, and activists. Black History Month presents a time for all to reflect upon the impact of the Black and African American members of all communities who have paved the way in advancing rights and access to opportunity for underrepresented human beings.

The M&S journey began early in 2021, when our firm retained Knight Consulting Group to engage in internal educational workshops through a collaborative, learning environment for our staff to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion and what that means to our firm. For nine months, our firm engaged in thought-provoking and educational workshops that explored the impact of personal and racial bias, the importance of equity, as well as how to foster a culture of belonging and inclusion. Our staff voiced their support of the program and were pleased with what they learned about each other during the process. Our D&I Committee is now working on implementing the changes we learned we needed to address.

We encourage our clients, partners, and other law firms to join us in creating or enhancing a culture of inclusivity and diversity towards the outcomes of equity and belonging. Now is the time to start instilling change within your organization and take part in conversations to learn more about personal and racial bias and its impact on the legal profession.