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Sandy Lynskey

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Aaron Parry

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Walter (Chad) Blackham

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Ben Jewell

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Erica Hollar

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Betty Montgomery

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Chris Wager

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Josh Stevens

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Lisa Messner

With two decades of trial experience, Lisa brings a deep understanding of the issues and risks faced by both sides in complex litigation and has built a successful track record helping parties achieve resolution before ending up in a courtroom. Lisa has participated in or served as a mediator in federal district court in more than 100 matters across a wide range of cases including class-wide settlements, complex business-to-business matters, employment and labor relations, contract and collective bargaining disputes, and personal injury cases. She also has significant experience presenting and serving as an arbitrator in employment and labor relations disputes. Lisa has completed formal mediation training through the American Bar Association and is a member of the ABA’s Dispute Resolution Section.
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Nick Whisler

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