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“Proactive compliance management can seem like a daunting expense, but it’s actually a wise investment: strengthening your business’s foundation and greatly reducing its chance of being roped into an even more costly class action lawsuit.”

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A member of the M&S Compliance team, Michael’s practice focuses on helping clients understand and comply with state and federal advertising, privacy, and telemarketing laws and regulations. He brings previous experience in regulatory compliance with numerous government entities, including the North Carolina Office of the Attorney General, where he assisted with a wide range of compliance matters for the Department of Justice.

Michael combines a comprehensive understanding of the law, outstanding analytical skills, and a creative approach to problem-solving in his work with clients. He is able to ferret out issues that are often hidden below the surface, and identify options for resolution that may not be immediately obvious. Michael also has extensive experience throughout all phases of litigation and governmental investigations. In particular, his work on a high-profile, nationally publicized compliance matter for a large institution has made him keenly aware of the unique challenges organizations face in responding to investigations and defending enforcement actions.

Equally important as his legal abilities, Michael is a passionate advocate for his clients. He has exceptional communication skills and the ability to present complex legal issues in understandable language. With a focus on listening more and talking less, Michael provides the clear, actionable advice his clients rely on to help make the decisions that keep their businesses moving forward.

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