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FCC Set to Sail, but Missing a Captain

On Thursday August 3, 2017, the Senate voted to confirm FCC Commissioners Jessica Rosenworcel and Brendan Carr while delaying a vote on Chairman Ajit Pai. Rosenworcel and Carr’s confirmations restore the FCC to its full five-member quorum. Rosenworcel, a Democrat, was unable to achieve confirmation before expiration of her previous term, and her appointment by [...]

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TCPA Monitor

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FTC Hopes New ‘Blacklist’ Will Push Robocalls Toward the Proverbial White Light

On August 1, the FTC issued a press release stating it would begin using consumer complaints to ramp-up its efforts in stamping out illegal robocalls. The FTC reports that unwanted and illegal robocalls are a persistent problem for consumers, providers, and the FTC, with over 1.9 million consumer complaints filed in the first five months of [...]

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Dealership Advisor

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Dealer Receives 5 Million Reasons to Comply with Consumer Protection Regulations

In a recent consent order with the Florida Attorney General’s office, a Jacksonville car dealer will waive approximately $5 million dollars in consumer debt.  The case may serve as a window into practices that regulators will be increasingly targeting. The dealer in this case installed GPS devices without consumer knowledge or consent to track and [...]

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M&S Newsline

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M&S Webinar: 7 Things Direct-to-Consumer Marketers Must Know About State AG’s

Tuesday, August 22, 2017, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT Think your consumer protection regulatory burden is easing up under the new administration? Think again.  The Trump administration has signaled a more business-friendly federal regulatory environment, underscored by the president’s announcement that for every new regulation introduced, two must be removed. However, in the wake [...]

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