M&S Partner Helen Mac Murray Shares Regulatory Enforcement Insight at 2018 Debt Symposium

M&S Partner Helen Mac Murray recently addressed a broad audience of collections, recovery, debt sales, and other industry professionals at the 2018 Debt Connection Symposium and Expo in Austin, Texas.

In a session entitled “What’s the Buzz in the Industry – CFPB/BCFP Reboot? By State AG’s?,” Helen leveraged her experience as a former state consumer protection regulator to provide insight on the impact of the shift in enforcement roles between state and federal regulators. Businesses are feeling the heat these days as state attorneys general step up to fill an enforcement void many feel the Trump administration has created, including opening CFPB sections in their offices and petitioning Congress to beef up the Bureau’s investigative authority. She also shared state attorney general plans to police the financial services industry and how businesses can prepare for the anticipated onslaught of enforcement activity.

A founding partner of M&S, Helen has been a national leader in the consumer protection arena for 23 years. She consults with and represents numerous entities regulated by federal and state consumer protection laws, regularly working with in-house counsel, executive management, and marketing and sales personnel to achieve client goals.