Ohio Medical Cannabis Regime Adds 3 New Conditions

Ohio has quietly approved three new qualifying conditions allowing patients to obtain medical cannabis in the Buckeye State.

In a memo issued two weeks ago, the State Medical Board confirmed that arthritis, chronic migraines, and complex regional pain syndrome were conditions already encompassed by the existing qualification of pain that is either chronic or intractable. The memo has not yet been sent to physicians, but will be shared in a monthly newsletter sent to physicians authorized to recommend medical cannabis.

What makes these particular additions notable is that Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program already has a set procedure for allowing comment and adding new qualifying conditions. However, the Board has so far added just one new condition through this process, cachexia.

The Board has received over 30 petitions this year alone, and has so far rejected petitions for adding panic disorder with agoraphobia, autism, restless leg syndrome. Additionally, the Board’s medical marijuana advisory committee advanced Huntington’s disease, spasticity or persistent muscle spasms, and terminal illness to the full Board for approval at a future meeting.