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Thirsty (For Knowledge) Thursdays

A 30-minute series bringing powerful legal insight and analysis to hot topics in compliance

Mar 11, 2021

A Cross-Country Journey: Emerging State Privacy Laws

Not to be outdone by California’s CCPA, state legislatures from coast to coast are considering similar sweeping privacy reforms that will fundamentally change the regulatory landscape for U.S. businesses. From New York to Washington, states are creating their own unique privacy frameworks encompassing issues including enhanced consumer rights, detailed disclosure obligations, and intricate risk assessments. Learn about this emerging patchwork [...]

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Other Webinars and Events

Apr 14, 2021

Facebook v. Duguid: Breaking Down the Breaking News

You’ve seen the headlines, read the blogs, maybe even sat in on a webinar. Still have questions? We’ve got answers. M&S Partners Michele Shuster & Josh Stevens deliver an interactive Q&A session highlighting details from the decision, its impact on the teleservices industry, and just where the heck we go from here.

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