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Thirsty (For Knowledge) Thursdays

A 30-minute series bringing powerful legal insight and analysis to hot topics in compliance

Jul 22, 2021

Taking Your Dispute Out of the Courtroom: Is Mediation Right for you?

While litigation matters often make the headlines, not every business dispute is best settled in court. Alternative resolution options such as mediation can allow parties to resolve their conflict more efficiently and in a less adversarial manner, while avoiding the expense and uncertainty that often accompany traditional litigation. But how do you know if mediation is right for your unique [...]

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Aug 19, 2021

Auto-Renewal Laws: What You Need to Know

With more than half of all states already imposing restrictions on auto-renewal clauses for subscription services, regulatory scrutiny is on the rise and class action lawsuits are flourishing. Join M&S attorneys to learn about this challenging patchwork of regulations and developing trends to ensure that your subscription-based products and services remain compliant.

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