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Thirsty (For Knowledge) Thursdays

A 30-minute series bringing powerful legal insight and analysis to hot topics in compliance

Sep 17, 2020

Politics and the TCPA: Keeping Calls and Texts Compliant

From local elections to the highest office, political calls and texts are heating up to solicit donations, votes, opinions, or all three. Think these communications are exempt from the TCPA? Think again. Michele Shuster and Helen Mac Murray discuss the federal and state laws that must be followed by campaigns, PACs, Super PACs, trade associations, 501(c)(4)s, or other political/grassroots organizations.

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Other Webinars and Events

Jul 23, 2020

STIR/SHAKEN and Call Blocking: What Lead Gen Centers Need to Know

STIR/SHAKEN aims to combat malicious robocalling and illegal spoofing but its challenge is to create an authentication process that addresses abusive calls without threatening businesses’ ability to contact consumers for legitimate purposes. Along with industry leaders Convoso and Contact Center Compliance, we discuss how STIR/SHAKEN works, how call centers can prepare, the difference between STIR/SHAKEN and call blocking, and steps [...]

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